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For Others

Giving a Voice to the Foster Care and Orphan Crisis

Four million children will touch the child welfare system in America each year. These children are exposed to a system that, while often well-meaning, does not meet their needs for providing the love, compassion and support that allows them to flourish. As a like-minded organization, we partner with For Others, which is passionate about combating the serious issues plaguing families and vulnerable youth. For Others is dedicated to serving children and families in need, whether it be a family in crisis, a child in the welfare system, or a newly adoptive family. For Others supports organizations like CarePortal to help meet the tangible needs of children and families navigating the child welfare system. We believe we all have something to give. And when we all come together as a Voice for the Vulnerable, our collective impact will lend a voice to those who do not have one.

Story of Hope: The Andersons

Sara Anderson and her 9 children in Kansas City, MO were in a desperate financial crisis. Times were getting tough, bills were overdue, and the Andersons were struggling to make ends meet. Sara felt hopeless and was on the verge of eviction when everything in their world changed for the better.

It all started with a request to pay their water bill to avoid eviction. For Others, through their partnership with CarePortal, connected Sara and her family to the resources they needed far beyond an overdue water bill. The simple water bill request to CarePortal flourished into an abundance of care for the Andersons — ultimately leading to them getting a new fully-furnished home. The kids have their own rooms and furniture and Sara’s family is able to sit together around their dining table. They will forever be thankful for the generosity of CarePortal and World Harvest Church. Both of these organizations are part of a vast network of For Others partners. They work diligently to be a voice for the vulnerable for families just like the Andersons.

For Others Holistic Approach

  1. Help preserve families when possible.
  2. Strengthen families in crisis.
  3. Support the heroic work of foster families.
  4. Shepherd every child to a safe and permanent home.