Purchase with Purpose

Coming Together with Purpose

When We Come Together with Purpose, Great Things Are Possible

We all have purpose in life. It can set us on a path to achieve great things in the world around us. What if the furniture in your home could have purpose too? What if the purchase of your sofa, dining table or recliner could help someone in need? At Ashley, it does.

With every purchase you make at Ashley, we will donate a portion on your behalf to one of our three local or global partners. Your purchase has purpose far beyond a simple sofa, bed, or room refresh. You are helping provide hope to those in need whether it is an orphan in need of a forever home, someone in need of basic healthcare, or a child who simply needs a bed to call their own.

For Others

For Others gives a voice to those in the foster care and orphan crisis. We believe that every child and family should experience the feeling of home, and you can help make that happen by selecting For Others as your Purchase with Purpose partner.

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OneWorld Health

OneWorld Health provides developing countries with the resources to have sustainable healthcare. We believe where you live shouldn’t determine your access to basic healthcare. You can help provide access to basic healthcare by selecting OneWorld Health as your Purchase with Purpose partner.

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Hope to Dream

Hope to Dream provides beds to children who do not have one of their own. We believe that every child should have a bed, and you can help bring that hope to a child in need by selecting Hope to Dream as your Purchase with Purpose partner.

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Love One

Many critically ill children in Uganda don’t have easy access to medical care, so Love One ensures they receive the emergency healthcare and rehabilitative services they need. When children are restored to health, they return home to grateful families and joyful communities.

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