DSG Ashley MasterClasses

DSG offers our team members a new component of training unlike any you have seen anywhere else in the corporate world.

Within most corporations out there, training just focuses on ways to push employees to work harder and longer with greater efficiency. Their only goal for instruction is to squeeze as much productivity and profits out of their workforce as they can.

But at DSG, our training emphasis is quite different.

We Want You to Become the Person You Were Meant to Be

Instead of focusing on our profits and margins from your work achievements, we promote your crafting a fulfilling life. MasterClass deals with topics such as your personal values, life purpose, a life plan, and your legacy.

Why do we take this approach in our MasterClasses?

Because our leaders at DSG are smart enough to realize a profound truth – To be better at work, be better at life.

Better Work Is a Side Effect of a Better Life

That’s the theme of our monthly live MasterClasses, offered in 1-hours sessions each month. In these live online video events, Drew Maddux, our Executive Vice President of People Development takes the stage to host discussions where we share stories, techniques, and tips with all our DSG team members. (Think of it as a Ted Talk … with audience participation.)

In a MasterClass, Drew Maddux fills the role of your coach – a role that comes naturally to him. He earned SEC awards as a basketball player and coach, led a school to achieve the highest game-winning percentage in Tennessee history, and trained more than 14,000 students at Nike Basketball Camps. He also served as a sports broadcaster for ESPN, Fox, and Sirius, and has written two books.

He took successful coaching principles he learned and brought them to the corporate world, teaching in leadership roles at a restaurant chain and at several major healthcare companies before joining DSG.

His purpose in our MasterClasses is – to help people discover and pursue their purpose in life.

You will have opportunities to shadow your mentor on projects and join them in meetings. They will in turn, shadow you in your first ventures into new tasks.

No other workplace resource could be as valuable as a mentor.

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