Life at Ashley DSG

The DSG Way

We win in life through our relationships with people. We love our people, we invest in our people, and we grow our people to become the best in the industry. Discover the essence of our culture that makes us, at the heart, DSG.

DSG Cares

When it comes to people, especially our team members and their families, DSG cares. We understand that life has its ups and downs, so we have created a program that helps our team members who are facing unexpected financial challenges. DSG Cares is guided by our Vision, Mission, and Values, to support, love, and bless team members by providing financial assistance when unexpected difficulties arise.

Diversity and Inclusion

At DSG, our mission is to bless others in a way that honors God. We hire the best people in the business to help us accomplish this mission, and that is inclusive of people from all walks of life, all cultures, all backgrounds, religions, races, and genders. The diversity of our team, which truly reflects the diversity in the world, is what drives our love, innovation, growth, wisdom, and winning!

Legacy Living

The concept of personal and professional growth is found everywhere in DSG’s culture. We have a comprehensive, life-changing program we call “Legacy Living,” which can help you discover your purpose in life and the path toward the legacy you want to leave.

Legacy Living offers the following growth opportunities.

Growth at Work

  • Leadership Development
  • Legacy Life Groups
  • Mentorship Program
  • Vision Trips (Life Moments Matter Events)
  • Recognition & Rewards


Growth at Home

  • Leaving Your Legacy
  • Family Values
  • Life Plans
  • Wellness Program
  • Weekly Prayer Calls
  • DSG Cares

Prayer Warriors

Our Prayer Warrior Community is open to DSG team members who choose to come together on a spiritual level, to enjoy connection, encouragement, support, and, of course, prayer for the needs of DSG team members.

Difference Maker Program

DSG exists to make a difference in the world by blessing lives to make them better, and culture is built around one theme – being the kind of person that makes a difference at home, at work, and in the community. Our Difference Maker Program is one of the many ways we recognize, celebrate, and reward team members for living a life intent on making a difference in the world!

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