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Love One

What Love One Does

In the remote regions of Uganda, families lack access to dependable medical care. This situation leaves them feeling helpless when their children fall seriously ill. Love One International is dedicated to helping these families by ensuring their children receive the essential medical care needed. Their efforts focus on undernourished children in Ugandan communities. Working swiftly to coordinate emergency healthcare services in local hospitals, once the child’s medical condition stabilizes, they relocate them to the Love One Center for further care and healing.

How Love One Does It

Here, trained team members provide holistic support in three ways:
1. Aiding the child’s physical recovery.
2. Offering caregivers and parents valuable education in healthcare, nutrition, and hygiene practices.
3. Spreading the gospel of Jesus.

Love One’s mission reinstates good health, reunites families, and fosters community development. With their commitment through continuous nutritional education and emotional and spiritual support, their aspiration is that each individual who benefits from the Love One program experiences the compassionate healing touch of Jesus Christ.

The Story of Bazil

Bazil was 20 months old when he arrived at the Love One center. He weighed 13 pounds and suffered from severe acute malnutrition. He spent a month in the hospital receiving care needed for secondary infections. When discharged from the hospital, Bazil was transported to the Love One center where he received love, care, and an individualized nutritional plan so that he could thrive physically. The staff at Love One trained his family on hygiene and nutrition so that when resettled back into his home it would be a healthy environment. Our prayer at Love One is that we can play a small role in giving each child a chance for a brighter future.


Love One Approach

  1. RECEIVE: Our staff is notified about critically ill children, or they are brought to The Love One Center so we can coordinate access to medical care.

  2. REHABILITATE: When the children are stable, they’re transferred from the hospital to the Love One Center to fully recuperate, where their parents learn about basic healthcare, nutrition, and hygiene.

  3. RESETTLE: Restored to health, children return home to healthy families and joyful communities. Love One offers ongoing support through nutritional education, family strengthening and spiritual programs.